Adam Riffle

About Adam Riffle

Raised on the traditions of hard work and integrity, Adam spent his formative years apprenticing with his father – one of his many mentors who fueled and supported his passion for building. As soon as he could hold a hammer, he loved spending time helping his father, learning from a very early age the essence of quality, ethics, and doing things right.

Now with decades of experience under his belt, Adam is an expert in construction management. Although native to the Northwest, Adam’s work has taken him to many remote places across the western US and New Zealand, building and managing everything from ski lifts to high quality homes to ecological habitat restoration projects.

In 2015 he moved to Portland and brought Bigfoot Northwest Construction to life with the vision to bring value and creative design to the Northwest Homeowner. Adam takes pride in sensitively integrating homeowner ideas and aspirations with creative and strategic solutions.

When Adam is not on a job site or pouring over spreadsheets, he spends as much time as possible outside hiking, skiing, and enjoying the beauty of the Pacific Northwest.